Chip Conveyors

A-I conveyors represent the evolution of the standard ones towards a single conveyor for all types of chips. They are the first and fundamental barrier to contamination of the coolant. They offer a solution to the need to handle chips of different sizes and the nature of the material on the same machine tool. Used together with the IFDR fine filtration systems, they achieve reliable performance regarding the management of any type of chip with minimal operating costs.

The advantages of A-I conveyors are:

  • 100% adaptability on each machine tool.
  • 100% elimination of the problem of choosing the type of conveyor in advance based on the material processed, i.e., the conveyor has a hinged belt and a dredging belt at the same time, simply by reversing the direction of travel.
  • Substantial reduction of small-sized chips dispersed in the tank.

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