IFDR Systems

IFDR, or International Fine Filtration Systems, represents the very best of RBM’s filtration technology and is one of the foremost solutions available for machine tools.

This range builds a customisable system depending on the characteristics of the machine tools with which they will be combined, namely:

  • Type of machine tool.
  • Quantity and type of tools present on the machine tool.
  • Integrated automation for machining on several shifts.
  • Tank volumes and type of chip conveyors used.

As IFDRs are modular, the system can be customised to the customer’s needs. Allowance can be made to expand the volume of the system and the flow rate of filtered liquid, and there is the possibility of mounting different delivery pumps in terms of both hydraulic characteristics and quantity.

3 basic models are needed for integration; 300, 500 and 800, with the numbers representing the volume of liquid contained in the IFDR tank.

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