Tackling complex projects with confidence

Our engineering design team boasts a wealth of technical expertise with over 85 years’ experience. Their deep understanding of bespoke work holding solutions allows us to tackle complex projects with confidence. Innovation is at the core of our engineering design team. They don’t just solve problems; they find inventive solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique needs.

This client-centric approach ensures that our engineering solutions not only meet technical requirements but also align with the broader goals of our partners. Working with state of the art CAD systems Siemens NX, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor & Solid Edge the design team is always at the forefront of industry advancements. They actively pursue ongoing learning and development, ensuring that we stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Where required the designs are validated using FEA software from Altair & Siemens NX to give a high level of confidence prior to any metal being cut.

Efficient project management is a hallmark of our engineering design team. Their ability to navigate complex projects and deliver results on time is a testament to their organizational skills and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Plant & equipment

Our versatile workshop has a comprehensive array of plant and equipment, allowing us to carry out the manufacture and engineering of a diverse range of complex components.

Global reach

Brown & Holmes have built a reputation across the globe for exceptional quality workmanship and their products and services are in demand by organisations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the Asia Pacific area.

Brown & Holmes work on site with your team, in your location to ensure maximum production uptime. We assist with installation and training, provide full technical back-up, and support planned maintenance programmes.

Staff capability

Brown & Holmes is strongly led from the top down by joint managing directors Kevin Ward and Carl Baker. Brown & Holmes wouldn’t be where they are today without the deep industry expertise and the experience in precision manufacturing of staff with some 40+ years in the business.

These skills are scarce in the UK, and in order to ensure a continual supply of qualified staff the company runs a successful apprentice training programme.

Key positions in the business include engineering and the design team, quality control and HSE, and defence and operations management as part of a 60+ strong team.

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