Smoke and Mist Extraction

MistBuster 500

  • The MB500 offers a highly efficient air filtration solution, with efficiency up to 97.8% measured by an independent party with ASHRAE standard 52.2 at 500 CFM.
  • An in-depth knowledge allows the reliable operation of the air filtration design. A sealed compartment holds the electrical components, away from the air stream. The patented AQE Advantage cell reduces maintenance.
  • Through a versatile design of the patented selector switch, the MistBuster air cleaners can handle the requirements of oil or water based coolant collection that cause other solutions to fail.
  • Ease of installation the MistBuster units can be mounted via direct machine mount, a wall mount, ceiling mount or a floor mount via a pedestal stand.
  • We offer a comprehensive wide range of solutions for machining operations, for single to multiple machine tool applications. Using Electrostatic solutions or if requiring media and odor control-based system.
  • The Compact, energy efficient design allows as little as 1.25s amp under full load.

Machining applications:

  • Metal machining

  • Grinding/polishing
  • EDM mist collectors

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