Projects & Contracts

JCB Return for a Repeat Set of Fixtures

Brown and Holmes were approached by JCB Transmissions to support a project to increase their production. Due to a projected increase in manufacturing requirements JCB identified the need to output more machined casings.

Brown and Holmes supported the original enquiry back in 2015, and we supplied a set of hydraulic tombstone style fixtures, giving the desired location strategy, support and clamping to maximise the production rates, all controlled by a fully sequenced hydraulic circuits housed within the fixtures.

JCB returned with the extension of this project as they knew Brown and Holmes would provide a repeat set of fixtures to the high standard and quality of the original project. The original fixtures are still in service, standing up to the rigorous machining strategies implemented by JCB.

Leading Defence Contractor

Brown and Holmes were offered an opportunity to diversify their vast engineering knowledge and experience, reliable project management skills and a proven supply chain to take on a project for Rolls Royce Submarine Ltd that was 2 years behind schedule and well over initial budget.

The project entailed completing mechanical and electrical designs prior to manufacture, assembly and the test of a major electrical control cabinet for the current build of the UK Navy’s new Dreadnought and Astute class submarines.

The successful completion of this project on time and within budget led to two prestigious awards from our customer. This time Brown & Homes would be providing a repeat solution for the SSNR and AUKUS projects that will be rolled out over the next 25 years.

Other long-term projects in progress, planning stage or completed include:

  • The manufacture of hydrofoils which are currently in the prototype phase (2023).
  • Provision of spares, servicing and maintenance (including consumables) of all the tooling in a leading defence contractor’s submarines.
  • Fan blade fixtures: modified and/or replaced as the end product changes. The project is currently in progress (2023), with a requirement of 40 hydraulic fixtures and corresponding spare parts in a Singapore facility and 8 similar fixtures in Japan.
  • Power generation project in Sweden which was completed in 2020.