Coolant Saver

Swarf bin coolant collection

The Coolant Saver concept is very simple,that can be left to do what it was design for, collecting coolant from the bottom of the swarf bin, and returning it back into the coolant circulation system.

The major benefits for your business are:

Up to 50% less coolant usage

  • Up to 90% less coolant disposal
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Manpower reduction
  • Higher swarf value
  • Improved H&S and Housekeeping
  • The installation is very simple, with no additional power source required.

    The system plumbs into the coolant pump line, using a very small amount of the coolant flow to generate a vacuum, this flow is returned to the tank, and the vacuum is utilised to draw up coolant from the swarf bin.

    Once installed the system operates when the coolant pump is active, returning clean same system coolant back into the tank. This saves on coolant, creates a cleaner environment and fresher swarf bins.

    Videos of the unit and typical installations can be found here on our YouTube Channel

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