IFDR 500

IFDR fine filtration systems are born to take care of the complete management of the coolant, whose role is essential both for the success of the mechanical processing and for the right maintenance of the machine tool. They are suitable for any type of machine tool on the market that uses emulsion as a coolant, and tailored according to each customer’s needs, with the possibility of being fitted with a wide range of available delivery pumps, with different pressures and flow rates.

IFDR systems are identified by the numerical initials of the considered model, which represent the overall system volume and the Filstar unit.

The IFDR fine filtration systems meet four basic needs of the machine tool:

  • To clean the coolant from highly abrasive micrometric metal rests that are formed during processing.
  • To remove all oily substances that stop on the surface of the coolant.
  • To reduce the bacterial contamination of the emulsion, extending its life.
  • To relaunch the perfectly clean liquid in the working area to the maximum pressure required by the tool used.

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