The chiller is used for the temperature control of the coolant and can be matched to both CORE and IFDR filtration systems.

Designed to work in a workshop environment, its advantages are:

  • Reduced volume of gas used: about 40% less than our previous versions.
  • A modular compressor managed by an inverter, with an average consumption reduced by 35%compared to our previous versions.
  • The cooling fan is managed by the inverter to optimize the performance of the evaporator.
  • Increased evaporator for a more efficient air-gas exchange, even in particularly hot environments such as industrial buildings.
  • New concept liquid-gas exchanger, sized for continuous work with high efficiency of heat exchange.

Very high energy saving and thermal efficiency are among the best in the market due to these features. Furthermore, the chiller is suitable for critical environments with high temperatures, such as those that occur on machine tools, which use high-pressure pumps during mechanical processing.

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