CO-RE 800 Maxi

Core 800 MAXI Fine Filtration System with IFDR Technology

The CORE fine filtration system has been designed to provide a solution to problematic situations that are frequently found on machine tools. Moreover, it can be installed on new machines fitted with tanks and conveyors with unsuitable features for specific work.

It offers answers to the following problems:

  • Presence of small chips in the tank with frequent pump clogging.
  • The presence of floating oils, which prevent proper oxygenation, on the coolant surface.
  • Need for less than 10 µm filtration degree for coolant to be sent to the machine tool spindle.

The CORE 800 MAXI fine filtration system integrates three widely tested technologies in RBM’s constructive tradition, in particular:

  • The technology of our Roto Filters with stainless steel drum and prefiltration at 50 µm.
  • The FILSTAR technology – no filter elements to be replaced and disposed of – guarantees fine filtration below 10 µm.
  • IFDR technology guarantees the dynamic separation of the oil and the correct oxygenation of the coolant.

The simplicity of assembly and function management by an integrated PLC makes this solution extremely versatile and applicable to any machine tool.

Approval of the Machinery Directive and CE certification as a machine.

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