A-I Conveyor with Roto Filter & ROTOSTAR Fine Filtration Unit

When dispersed powders are smaller than 50 µm, and the action of the A-I conveyor with roto filter is no longer sufficient, the RotoStar solution can be implemented on the conveyor.

The advantages of RotoStar are:

  • 100% adaptability on every A-I roto filter.
  • 100% reduction of chips larger than 20 µm dispersed in the tank.

The RotoStar solution allows further reduction in the filtration of the Roto Filter and is particularly suitable for dusty materials. It is suitable for machine tools that are combined with the A-I rotofilter that occasionally process materials that tend to make small chips, and dispersed powders smaller than 50 µm. When dispersed powders smaller than 50 µm are not held by the filtering drum, they are dispersed in the coolant. These would then be relaunched by the pumps in the work area, creating an abrasive mixture of coolant and powders that can damage both the machining and the tool.

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