A-I Conveyor with Rotofilters

The A-I conveyor with rotofilter (rotofilter) is the evolution of the A-I conveyor, characterized by the addition of a 50 μm prefiltration drum. It is produced in two models: Z31 and Z44, depending on its filtration flow rate.

The choice of the most suitable drum to guarantee the required filtration flow rate is the responsibility of RBM in relation to the overall flow rate of the pumps installed on the machine tool and the dimensions of the tank.

The advantages of rotofilters are:

  • 100% adaptability on every machine tool.
  • 100% elimination of the problem of choosing the type of conveyor in advance based on the material processed, i.e., the conveyor has a hinged belt and a dredging belt at the same time, simply by reversing the direction of travel.
  • 100% reduction of chips larger than 50 μm dispersed in the tank.

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