Techman robots now offer higher payload and longer reach

The Techman range of intelligent, collaborative robots (with built in vision) now come with higher payloads and longer reach. Smart, simple and safe, these robots can now be used for an even wider range of applications.

Topping the payload capacity is the TM14 that can handle an impressive 14kg whilst still offering an 1100mm achievable reach. This model is ideal for industrial applications within semi-conductor, panel and CNC industries.

Next is the TM12 which also achieves an even greater reach of 1300mm whilst still offering a 12kg load capacity. This is greater than many other robots with a similar arm length.

The TM5 offers the same flexible features for payloads of up to 6kg and 4kg with 700mm and 900mm achievable range. These are often used within 3C, automotive, food and other industries.

The Techman range continues to give flexible automation with simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities together with the latest safety functionality. The TM built-in vision system offers template matching, item positioning, image enhancement, barcode identification and colour categorisation. All these functions have been integrated into the easy-to-use user interface which provides simple programming.

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