Equipment push liners for V18 engine.

To produce and install equipment to push liners into a V18 engine. The equipment must be able to be located off the production line main rollers for a larger engine to pass through. The equipment will integrate into the existing line which is being relocated to a different position within the factory.

To meet the specification the following was used;

  • A home position off the main roller conveyor was used to park and lock the equipment off the line conveyor.
  • A platform that raised for the movement of the equipment and lowered for the movements of the engines was utilised.
  • A HMI was used to select the modes and view system diagnostics.
  • A 2 hand start safety system was utilised for the hydraulic insertion process. This involves lifting the equipment off the line and clamping it to the engine. Next the liners are inserted simultaneously. Finally the engine is released and lowered back onto the line.
  • Linear induction and load sensors used for pressure and distance monitoring.
  • Safety integration with the existing line for global emergency stop.