Collaborative robots give greater productivity and flexibility

New TM12 and TM14 Robots give greater productivity and flexibility.

The new TM12 and TM14 Techman TM smart robots are now available from Brown and Holmes and extend the range we are now able to offer as part of our workholding and automation control solutions. These collaborative robots are designed to improve productivity and reduce the manpower needed for operations such as the loading of fixtures or chucks. They’re easy to programme through a simple user interface, can be operated safely around people without additional safety precaution and are suitable for a wide range of applications including assembly, metal processing and testing across many industries.

The new TM12 and TM14 models give greater payload capability and increased reach compared to othe robots with a similar arm length. Both have a built-in vision system that allows the robot to ‘see’ and ‘read’ for template matching, item positioning, image enhancement, barcode identification and colour categorisation. In addition, the TM Mobile version can orient itself within a 3D space – lie an auto datum sequence – to multiple machine surfaces and allows it to operate seamlessly between two or more locations.     

  TM12 TM14
Reach 1300mm 1100mm
Payload 12kg*    greater than similar arm length collaborative robots on the market  14kg
Built-in Vision yes yes

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