Apprenticeship School investment at Brown and Holmes

Brown and Holmes has been committed to employing local people and investing in their skills since it was founded in 1939. We’re delighted to have founded our own Apprenticeship School during 2018 to further our dedication to the development and passing on of the specialist machining, engineering and design skills we use.

Explaining, joint managing director, Kevin Ward said, “We believe it’s really important to invest in our people and by doing so develop the range of machining, engineering and design skills and machine experience we have within the company. We’ve always taken on a couple of apprentices each year and are thrilled that we now have our own Apprenticeship School to take their development a step further.

“We run a four year programme which includes NVQ study at South Staffordshire College in Tamworth. Each apprentice has a structured training plan which starts with six months in the training school. This gives them a foundation in machining and engineering techniques, which they then build upon in a ‘milk round’ of three months in each area of our manufacturing facility.

“Our Apprenticeship School is run by Steve Orme whom we’re very fortunate to have asked us to continue his employment with us after reaching retirement age in July to pass on his skills to the next generation in his new role of training manager.”

There are currently seven apprentices at Brown and Holmes and after the completion of their apprenticeship, they will have further options to continue their development, for example through HNC and HNDs in design and engineering.

To discover more about the opportunities for apprenticeships at Brown and Holmes, call the Brown and Holmes team on: +44 (0)1827 63591 or email