Nissan reduce smoke and mist extraction costs

Wanting to eradicate the smoke and mist created on their CNC machines during production, Nissan Motor Corporation recently installed MistBuster850 units from Brown and Holmes into their plant at Sunderland. They are now operating over 30 MistBuster units on a 144-hour week.

MistBuster850 units were chosen as they consume approximately 50% less electrical power than centrifugal system solutions. On a 24-hour 6-day shift, Mistbuster850 units typically cost £561.60 per year to run compared to £1,235.52 for a centrifugal system (a saving of £673.92 per year per machine).

With over 30 MistBuster units now installed on their Comau and Heller Machine Tools CNC machines, Nissan are predicted to enjoy collective electrical savings on mist extraction of over £20,217.