Case Study: ENGSOL cleans up with the MistBuster 850 unit

ENGOL in Newbury (UK) offer design and manufacturing. They have some of the latest in advanced machinery, including CNC machines and strive for continuous improvement in all they do. Wanting to improve mist extraction on their KItamura Mytruniun-4, they recently installed a MistBuster 850 extraction unit from Brown and Holmes. We asked Neil Hutt who looks after their Manufacturing Technical Quality Control what difference it has made:

“Here at ENGOL our goal is to offer a Design & Manufacturing facility which offers a superb level of service to industry. We are kitted out with some of the latest advanced machinery of its kind and are constantly reinvesting to stay one step ahead of the rest.

Overall we are pleased with the performance of our MistBuster extraction unit, on our Kitamura Mytruniun-4G.

On site we have a collection of various makes/models of mist extract systems fitted to our CNC machines.Our new MistBuster unit has some key features that make it stand out from the rest in a busy market. The advantages we found with the MistBuster unit over our centrifugal solutions are:

  • Its low-level noise pollution when running,
  • Brilliant performance extracting mist.
  • How easy and quick it is to maintain in-house.

Having the ability to maintain and service our MistBuster unit in-house helps with our production, planning and future running costs.

In summary – we are very pleased overall with our MistBuster 850 extraction unit!”