Automated Door Systems

Brown and Holmes have teamed up with Made4CNC to bring to the UK an exclusive product.


The Safedoor SD100 is a product from Made4CNC who are an innovative Danish company.


Brown and Holmes were introduced to Made4CNC and their product, Safedoor SD100.  We immediately saw the opportunities and synergy with our bespoke workholding, selection of Techman CoBots and our automation experience.  The Safedoor SD100 is the missing piece in a machine tending application.  We have the CoBots, the end effectors, the bespoke/automated workholding and integration capabilities but no way to access the inside of the machine!!


The SD100 is a perfect solution for the missing piece.  The unit comes complete, and is easily installed on your existing machine tool, installation is generally 1-2 hours…..


Brown and Holmes feel that automation/machine tending projects are not just a turnkey solution for a new machine, but something to be added to your machine shop to give the competitive edge.  We can now provide a semi-standard solution to convert your existing machine tool to an automated solution, giving you the benefits of lights out production, spreading your skilled workforce around the machine shop for more tasking projects, and giving you a more cost effective way of producing your parts.


Please contact Brown and Holmes via Tel: 01827 63591 or email