Electrical Control Cabinets

Brown & Holmes offers the latest, bespoke solutions covering all aspects of automated work-holding and fixtures right through to standalone control systems.

We work with UK and international companies, integrating our systems into production or providing standalone systems capable of being produced to the highest specification.

We provide automation and control for open and closed-loop drive applications for continuous drive, point-to-point single-axis and multi-axis applications, PLCs, pneumatic controls, hydraulic controls, HMI’s and power packs. Pneumatic and hydraulic controls can be mechanically or electro-mechanically controlled depending upon the application. Power packs can be integrated into existing and new machines as well as being a stand-alone system.

Brown and Holmes also integrate the latest collaborative robots into automation and control systems. These can improve productivity and reduce the manpower needed for processes such as the loading or change of chucks and fixtures. Functionality can include built-in vision systems that automate template matching and item positioning as well as barcode identification and colour categorisation.

The range of TECHMAN Cobot robots used is flexible as well as easy to programme which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications without the need of additional training or safety precautions.

By working closely with leading manufacturers of the latest control technology, we can design, manufacture, install and retrofit the optimum solution to the highest of standards. Brown & Holmes support Industry 4.0 through Balluff IO-Link.

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