MDC Precision Workholding

MDC Precision located in Milton Keynes approached Brown and Holmes with a requirement for Workholding for a family of parts for the CERN Project.


MDC required fixtures to hold 3 components on their newly acquired DNM 9500 supplied by Mills CNC.

The drawings and 3D models were evaluated, a scheme and quotation generated to cost effectively hold all 3 components on common fixtures split over Op10 & turned over for op20.

The scheme captured the customers’ requirements and machine specification, while providing simple manual fixtures with set clamp locations for ease of setup between variants and simplify location and loading.

A fabricated fixture raises the Z level to suit the machining envelope, with the footprint designed to have fixtures top and bottom on the expansive bed of the DNM 9500.

The pre-turned parts needed to be located on Op10 in a fixed Vee, and an adjustable vee pusher to suit 2 diameters, swan neck clamps facilitate cutter clearance, with nylon clamp pads to exclude the possibility of damaging the perfect surface finish.

Op20 locates on the same 3 buttons but uses a full and diamond pin in holes generated in op10.  The diamond pin is indexed to match different part hole patterns in the variants.

The fixtures were supplied ready to fit onto the customers machine tool, including all fittings, tenons and t-nuts.

The process of developing the customers’ requirements in a simple and easy to use solution comes from years of experience and a process that captures all the information needed to provide the ideal solution.