JCB Return for a Repeat Set of Fixtures

Brown and Holmes were approached by JCB Transmissions to support a project to increase their production.

Due to a projected increase in manufacturing requirements JCB identified the need to output more machined casings.

Brown and Holmes supported the original enquiry back in 2015, and we supplied a set of hydraulic tombstone style fixtures, giving the desired location strategy, support and clamping to maximise the production rates, all controlled by a fully sequenced hydraulic circuits housed within the fixtures.

JCB returned with the extension of this project as they knew Brown and Holmes would provide a repeat set of fixtures to the high standard and quality of the original project.  The original fixtures are still in service, standing up to the rigorous machining strategies implemented by JCB.

The size of the fabrications, deep hole drilling, and complex hydraulic circuits made for a challenging project the first time around.  In addition, we designed the main structures and supports to give additional access to the machined features giving JCB the opportunity to reduce the number of operations of the castings.  This is of a huge benefit that quickly offsets the investment in a project like this.

If you have a challenging component or require refinements on your process to either improve quality, productivity or other aspects please get in touch with the team at Brown and Holmes, and hopefully you become a returning customer chasing the quality we can provide.

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