Peiseler Indexers

WTC Trunnion Assembly

The WTC series creates a Trunnion Assembly from an ATC unit and counter-bearings mounted on a base plate.

A range of counter bearings are available to match the ATC sizes and the selected counter-bearing determines the length of the fixture plate. Alternatively, the ATC faceplate and counter-bearing can be replaced by a check plate.

Custom assemblies can be designed and manufactured by Brown and Holmes to suit your specific machine tool application.

Standard options for the WTC 125, WTC 160, WTC 250

  • base plate width 250 mm
  • base plate thickness 32 mm
  • base plate length 600 mm, 800 mm, 1.000 mm 

Standard option for WTC 300, WTC 350

  • base plate width 350 mm
  • base plate thickness 32 mm
  • base plate length 800 mm, 1.000 mm, 1.200 mm 

Standard accuracy: flatness 0,05 mm over 1.000 mm - parallelism 0,02 mm over 1.000 mm


  • Improved accuracy: flatness 0,03 mm over 1.000 mm - parallelism 0,01 mm over 1.000 mm 
  • Special T slots
  • Mounting positions of counter-bearings

Spares and service with genuine Peiseler parts also available

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