Improve air quality with MistBuster smoke and mist extraction

Cleaner Air

  • Protecting your manufacturing workforce with purer air and reducing their exposure to hazardous airborne mist, smoke and metal particles produced by industrial machining applications
  • Complying with indoor air quality standards and governmental regulations
  • Demonstrating internal and external air purity improvements for ISO14001 compliance and HSE inspections. As the air is purified and expelled back inside the space located by the MistBuster, there is no pollution into the external environment
  • Meeting expectations of both employees and customers for a clean, healthy and safe working environment.
  • Suitable for OEM and retrofit. MistBuster units can be supplied to machine manufacturers for factory fit and businesses for retrofit to machines and rooms. The right solution.As Brown and Holmes offers four MistBuster products, your company will be recommended the right solution for your air purification needs. Currently available are the MistBuster 500, the MistBuster 850, The MistBuster 850 Compact and the MistBuster 2000.

Reduced Costs

  • Lower running costs - MistBuster units enjoy lower running costs as 50% less energy is used thanks to their electrostatic filtration technology and variable speed controller.
  • No additional factory heating or cooling costs – the purified air expelled is the same temperature as the ambient area around the machine, so no additional heating or cooling costs are incurred from the machine.
  • Reduced maintenance costs - maintenance costs and time are saved by filters being washed rather than replaced. This can be done by hand or in a parts washer by your in-house teams or sub-contracted to Brown and Holmes’ MistBuster service team.
  • No costly filters – low cost replacement ionising wires are used rather than expensive replacement filters
  • Increased workpiece accuracy - impeller technology means no machine vibration
  • Waste reduction - coolant is recycled back into the machine

Manufacturing Benefits

  • Easy installation - MistBuster units can be mounted using a direct machine mount, a wall mount, ceiling mount or a floor mount via a pedestal stand.
  • Demonstrate air purity - UK companies are required to improve the air quality within the CNC milling and turning environments. The HSE is checking that this is happening through strategic and random visits. When inspections deem workplaces to be be below standard, a further inspection is made within 3 to 6 months to check that improvements have been implemented. Similarly, MistBuster units demonstrate commitment to improving the environment for ISO14001 compliance.
  • Easy switching between water-soluble and oil-based machine tool coolants by MistBuster‘s electrostatic precipitation air cleaning system.
  • Variable and controllable airflows - MistBuster air cleaning systems can be easily controlled with airflows ranging from 500 to 1,650 CFM and require minimal maintenance in wet environments.

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