Investment in large-capacity Doosan vertical machining centre

To further enhance our precision machining and work holding solution capability, Brown and Holmes recently invested in a new, large-capacity Doosan 3-axis vertical machining centre. 

The Fanuc-controlled Mynx 9500 from Mills CNC is the third Doosan we’ve acquired since 2014 and is a direct result of a growing order book and a new business contract to machine high-precision titanium components for a defence sector customer. It was chosen as its accuracies and surface finishes when machining parts from titanium plate which enable us to meet our customers’ stringent requirements and lead times. 

Commenting, our Joint Managing Director, Kevin Ward said, “The Mynx 9500 is a hugely versatile and powerful machine. Its large working envelope means we can machine both large components as well as small parts. Its powerful spindle technology ensures improved part cycle times and the trouble-free machining of difficult-to-machine materials like titanium. The size, power and versatility of the machine also makes it ideal for machining one-offs and small batches in addition to parts requiring long machining runs.

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