Accura MistBuster Extraction

Accura approached Brown and Holmes to address the requirement for LEV’s in their extensive machine shop in Willenhall West Midlands.

Accura are a well-known precision engineering company, and press tool manufacturer, suppling to multiple industries with their outstanding knowledge of complex manufacture, precision machining, which all supports the press tool design and sub-contact manufacturing side of the business.

Having 2 machine shops on the estate in Willenhall, both filled with machine tools supporting Accura’s customer base meant that the onsite review would not be a five-minute visit.

As with all MistBuster enquiries we start with the machine quantity, and a site visit to measure the machine tool volume, and to identify open areas on the machines.  This along with reviewing the best installation method means we can generate a quotation based on the specific requirements.  We also try and advise the customer on simple methods to reduce the open areas of a machine tool, which means we can generally offer a smaller MB Units and cost savings.

As shop floor space is at a premium, we arranged a visit to Accura to review each machine, and the proposed install, this assists with highlighting access problems, where one style of install may not be suitable.

With 15 machines, 3 axis, 5 axis, lathes, and a chop saw to consider, the range of install options available for MistBuster ensures we tick all the boxes for the customers’ requirements.

At Accura we have installed stand, wall mounts and direct machine mounts, all with short tidy ducting, and coolant returns.  Each unit is positioned to assist with service access in mind.

As with any investment the pro’s and con’s need to be investigated, and Accura could clearly see that the installation options appealed, but more so the control of service, and cost savings keeping service in house was key!

We are very happy to have supported Accura and their extraction requirements, ensuring the working environment is kept clean and fresh for all the highly skilled operatives who keep the machine spindles turning.

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