Peiseler indexers


The ZATC series offers two-axis rotary tilt tables. These are rotary tables with two rotational axes, usually arranged perpendicularly to allow for five-axis workpiece machining in machining centres. 
The trunnion axis is mounted in the machine tool and can be used either with or without a counter bearing. Up to four faceplates can be used as table axes and the spindle pitch of these faceplates is made to your specifications.
The ZATC is a modular series that uses the cubic housing shape of the ATC rotary tables and come in pneumatic or hydraulic versions. Special housing adaptations are also available e.g. to set up multi-spindle table axes. Options include

  • pneumatic and hydraulic versions (conducted through the rotary manifold in the mounting flange)
  • counter bearings
  • one or multiple spindles
  • base plates or substructures
  • special housing adaptations
  • multi-spindle table axes

Frame sizes: ZATC 125 – ZATC 160 – ZATC 250 – ZATC 300
Options available:

  • Counter bearings and trunnion assemblies
  • Steady rests and tailstocks
  • Substructures and baseplates
  • Clamping chucks, collet chucks
  • Individual solutions and special designs