Peiseler Indexers

Brown and Holmes are the exclusive UK and Ireland agents/distributors for Peiseler indexers, trunnions and special pallet systems. We also support existing and future owners of these Peiseler products with a full service and repair service, using genuine manufacturer parts.
Founded in 1819, the reliability and reputation of Peiseler products is second to none and a key reason for Brown and Holmes to offer them to its customers. 
Peiseler rotary tables are available as single-axis and multi-axis with faceplates ranging from 80 to 3,500 mm diameter, with net weight holding capabilities up to 22,000 kg. 
-    Backlash free and easy adjustable OTT Wormwheel – not necessary to disassemble the worm for readjusting
-    Peiseler produce most components in house like bearing, clamping system, rotary manifold, spindle and housing to keep an eye on the technology and accuracy
-    Our Peiseler clamping system is available as hydraulic and pneumatic version with the same clamping force
-    Clamping with axial-movement effects zero torsion on the faceplate, Peiseler install greased clamping discs and a material combination to prevent contact corrosion during lifetime
-    Our patented clamping systems have fastest reaction times and best clamping forces on the market
-    For the rotary manifolds we use a combination of hardened steel and nonferrous material for long lifetime, the seals were developed with a manufacturer especially for Peiseler to achieve long lasting function
-    We bring a lot of flexibility to adapt different systems like rotary manifold, zero point clamping systems, chucks, HSK System or any other clamping system to our units

Peiseler products offered: 
•    ATC - ATC 125, ATC 160, ATC 250, ATC 300, ATC 350
•    WTC - WTC 125, WTC 160, WTC 250, WTC 300, WTC 350
•    ZATC - ZATC 125 – ZATC 160 – ZATC 250 – ZATC 300

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