Atling AX steady rests

Atling AX steady rests

AXI series, the next generation Steady Rest
To be able to have a slimmer and more compact series Atling developed the new AXI model which is the latest innovation for the Steady Rest.

AXI = internal cylinder give Atling more opportunities to fit when the space is limited and still need a big clamping size.

Swing Away Arm comes in AX and AXI series
Innovation for the swing away arm is compatible with all AX1-AX11 Series. You can decide to have swing away on upper, lower or both arms, and still keep the same gripping range.

Atling AX series Steady Rest can be upgraded from AXE series to an AXI series model,including a Swing Away arm. Atling Steady Rests standard models come from AX1E to AX11E and from AX4I to AX11I.