Peiseler Indexers

ZATC Multi-spindle (5th Axis)

The ZATC series are two-axis rotary tables which are based on the ATC series, which give the cusomer 5th Axis capabilities.

Various options are available as per the ATC range.

The pneumatic or hydraulic media supply of the table axis can be conducted through the rotary manifold in the mounting flange. It continues via the rotary manifold of the trunnion table axis into the central supply of the machine.

The two-axis rotary tilt tables are available with one and multiple spindles. Designs with and without a counter bearing are available. The set-up in the machine tool can be adapted via base plates or substructures, depending on the application requirements.

As standard, the following options are available:  

  • ZATC 125 – 2 spindles
  • ZATC 160 – 2 spindles
  • ZATC 250 – 2 spindles
  • ZATC 300 – 2 spindles

The modular design facilitates numerous setups with multiple spindles, which can be evaluated and tailored to specific requirements.

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